Why Prescriber360

How Prescriber360 will enable you to digitally transform to Pharma 3.0

As companies move from the blockbuster and diversification strategy to a health outcomes defined commercial business strategy in Pharma 3.0, there are several challenges which need to be addressed to keep your organization ahead in the competitive marketplace. Empowering your employees with solutions which are built on data and analytics foundations will result in more engaged patients, prescribers and payers. Microsoft is leading the technology world in achieving more productivity for companies across the globe.

Prescriber360 built on Microsoft’s cloud platform is specifically designed to help the life sciences companies digitally transition to Pharma 3.0. Prescriber360 enables your organization to leverage data from multiple sources both internal and external allowing your people to access key information they never had before. With our twenty years of industry expertise, we will shepherd you through the digital journey, unlocking data that will empower your employees to greater heights of the productivity.

Prescriber360 – CRM Solution For Pharma and Life Science Companies

  • Built on industry leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform and Azure Intelligent Cloud
  • Provides the most advanced Life Science CRM Solutions
  • Designed to have an intelligent customer engagement across multiple channels
  • Delivers on Microsoft mantra of increased productivity and building efficient business processes.
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Manage Your Prescriber Base with Prescriber360’s – Pharma Sales Operations

  • Prescriber360 lets you manage the entire Prescriber universe in one place.
  • Maintain prescriber universe with flexibility of updating information
  • Managing field leads and be able to provide quick resolution enables Reps to start making calls and providing samples to Prescribers instantly.
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Prescriber360’s Clinical Trial Management System

  • Innovative modern drugs require tools that enable deeper relationships across the entire trial life cycle.
  • ClinSite360 safeguards your clinical trial process, helping you treat and prevent diseases while improving lives.
  • Clinical Trials allows user to manage their every trials and makes sure to safeguard the data without it being compromised.
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Prescriber360 – Pharma Analytics and Data Management

  • Prescriber360 Analytics solutions built using Microsoft Power BI and Cortana Intelligence Suite is changing how business is conducted.
  • The Suite delivers an end-to-end platform with integrated and comprehensive set of tools and services to help you build intelligent applications
  • It lets you easily take advantage of Advanced Analytics right from reviewing your historical performance to setting up future business actions
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We have a dedicated team of Microsoft certified engineers who are best at what they do. In addition to our technical expertise, all our resources have years of experience in life sciences industry.

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Don’t let unavailability of your technical resources delay your critical business decisions. We can support you with the data analytics and report services to meet your needs.

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If you are just getting ready to launch your new product or don’t have enough resources to run your commercial sales operations, we can provide you a complete outsourcing of the operations.

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As you get ready to test and implement Pharma 3.0 strategy in your organization, we can help you implement a prototype and provide analysis required which leads to the final implementation. We can support you monitor Health Care Reforms, Social Data, Consumerism of Information and Value Mining among other things.

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