Pharma Sales Operations

Prescriber360 has revolutionized how Pharma Commercial Sales Operations are being
managed. It reinvents the productivity and business process.

Pharma Sales Operations in life sciences company has most responsibility for the delivery and success of strategy.

Prescriber360 revolutionizes the sales operations to meet the demanding goals. It lets companies retain ownership of the most important master data.

Microsoft productivity and simplicity is at the heart of Prescriber360 which lets users manage the complex tasks while remaining compliant.

Power BI reporting on data and operational issues lets users stay ahead of the potential challenges and provide effective support to the sales teams.


  • Utilize the power of Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business from within the system to manage internal and external communications
  • Users can choose to pick from Web, Mobile, Outlook, Excel to access the information and work seamlessly between clients
  • Historical information is stored throughout the system for all the entities such as Address, Alignment, Identifications, Deciles
  • Make changes to alignment rules on fly without any technical configuration
  • Access the solution using Mobile, Web, Excel to make users more comfortable and productive
  • Take ownership of your            Prescriber and Account                  data
  • Pre-built integration with third party validation services
  • Provide immediate data availability to sales teams

Prescriber Management

Roster Management

Alignment Management

Asset Management

Communication Management

Sample Management

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