Intel IoT DevFest III

June 19 & 20 | 4 AM GMT – 8 PM GMT


Join Prescriber360’s IoT thought leaders and technology experts for two days IoT Conference and deep-dive into online trainings at Intel IoT DevFest III.

Abhishek Nandi

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Risab Biswas

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Abhisek Nandy, Application Architect AI and IoT and Risab Biswas, Data Scientist at Prescriber360 will be speaking on AI and Ambient Intelligence at the Edge track.

Meet worldwide IoT thought leader

You have a chance to join with the IoT thought leaders, innovators and developers via virtual online platform.

Know IoT better

Get trained by the world class IotT developers, trainers, experts. Join training sessions, watch demos and understand how IoT changing our life.

Gain Business Opportunities

Learn how IoT can bring business opportunities in the competitive business environment and align your IoT Solution with market opportunities.

Great networking opportunities

Intel IoT DevFest is a great networking opportunities for the IoT enthusiasts, developers to meet with the thought leaders in the industry.