Robust pharma analytics and data management
solutions for commercial pharma businesses.


Utilize all internal and external data to influence smart business decisions
across your life sciences company through an advanced
pharma analytics and data management platform.

Field Reporting

Empower your reps with sales reporting and insights to make time spent in the field more productive and informed.

Data Management

Pharma companies are constantly working with various providers and internal systems to enhance current data, provide business opportunities, and stay compliant. We have pre-built integrations for almost all major third-party vendors.

Data Science

Our built-in machine learning models provide the insights, predictions, and next best actions at amazing accuracy to help you leverage the power of data science to make decisions as the industry changes.

Managed Care Analytics

Build and execute your managed care strategy and Payer/Plan/PBM relationships through a unified platform that connects data and provide answers and forecasts.

Incentive Compensation

Manage all your IC activities, including defining baselines, goals, and calculating payouts for multiple business units in a single platform that allows you to maintain change agility and field force motivation.

Compliance and Aggregate Spend

Pre-built models help you streamline sources and produce required Spend, Sample and Research filings to stay compliant with your Sunshine Act filing and preparation.

Marketing Operations

Allow your brand managers to leverage the same data sources as sales operations, giving them greater agility and access to make effective strategy changes with access to new and existing data streams.

Master Data Management

The Prescriber360 pharma data analytics platform gives data stewards access to view audit records and make necessary changes to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your sales operations in an ever-changing market.


  • The comprehensive pharmaceutical analytics and data management suite from Prescriber360 delivers an end-to-end intelligence analytics platform with a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate and support your organization.
  • Providing users with complete insights at a single glance increases user productivity and quality of data enormously, and the Prescriber360 platform is the only solution in the pharma technology marketplace that provides end-to-end pharma data analytics and data management solutions.
  • Prescriber360 analytics models are designed to deploy rapidly and provide access to the right information for your specific business needs at the right time. Our advanced pharmaceutical analytics applications help you convert data into intelligent actions through machine learning models that can predict far more accurately than human beings using hundreds of variables.

Analytics Strategies With Power BI

By Jacob Vazquez | October 30, 2019

Learn what Belinda Allen, a Microsoft PowerBI Certified MVP and executive strategist had to say about how Power BI is revolutionalizing business strategies

Part 3 Coming Soon


  • Your business generates tons of rich data each minute, but the actionable details within those data points are wasted if you don’t know what you’re looking at or how to utilize it. Prescriber360’s pharma analytics solutions help simplify and visualize business data for future use.
  • Prescriber360 provides best-in-class pharmaceutical analytics and data management software solutions to meet the unique needs of a life sciences company. Our platform allows you to generate, manage, and maintain flexible, real-time data from anywhere at any time, effectively improving field sales response times and overall operational efficiency.
  • Built using Microsoft Power BI and Cortana Intelligence Suite, the Prescriber360 pharma analytics dashboard lets you take full advantage of current and historical business performance to strategize future business actions.
  • Sales Analytics
  • Clinical Trial Analytics
  • Call Center Forecasting
  • Sample Management
  • Managed Market Segments
  • Demand Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Aggregate Spend Reporting


Harness rich, intelligent data directly from your own reports that will allow you to move
your company forward through data-driven business decisions.