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Pharma Master Data Management - Prescriber360

Master Data Management (MDM), even though it is done in every industry and every company, it has a special meaning for the Life Sciences industry. When you are managing and targeting millions of Prescribers, it is imperative that you have one source of truth for everyone in the company from Sales Operations, Incentive Compensation, Marketing, Compliance, Analytics, Research among other groups.

While Master Data can be managed in variety of ways and using different tools, operationalization is a key to the success. Prescriber360 is the only solution in market place which will provide end to end Pharma Master Data Management services including Governance and Ownership. Providing users with complete insights into the process and single solution increases user productivity and quality of data enormously.

Prescriber360 provides best in class Pharma Master Data Management to meet the complete needs of a life sciences company. In addition to providing end to end MDM solution, our prebuilt industry models ensure the quick and easy deployment.


  • Prebuilt Industry Models
  • Data Governance and Ownership Management
  • Data Stewardship and Management
  • Data Quality and Standardization
  • Full Operational MDM
  • Open Integration with Internal and External Systems
  • History Viewing
  • In-built Integration with Licensing Vendors
  • Real-Time Lookup to Add Prescribers in CRM by Rep
  • Built in Management for Compliance Policies
Pharma Master Data Management - Prescriber360

Prescriber Master

Pharma Master Data Management - Prescriber360

Account Master

Pharma Master Data Management - Prescriber360


Pharma Master Data Management - Prescriber360

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