Expert technology services and support to encourage
smart business growth.


  • Prescriber360 is an advanced pharma software company specializing in business technology development and implementation for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies worldwide.
  • We specialize in technology that boosts operational efficiency across your entire organization while giving you a unique view of how your internal processes are functioning and how to improve them.


  • By leveraging the power of Microsoft in each of our advanced pharmaceutical software suites, we are able to help our partners streamline the entirety of their business and organizational processes through top-tier technology solutions and expert support.
  • As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have over two decades of experience in offering expertly tailored software solutions and hands-on training to meet and exceed your unique organizational needs.

Anupam Nandwana
CEO & Founder

Anupam has the overall responsibility for management and strategic direction of the Prescriber360 brand and company.

With over twenty years of experience in building technology solutions for the world’s leading pharma companies, Anupam has transformed that experience into a next-generation solution for Life Sciences companies.

Anupam holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai.

Edward Vaz
COO & Founder

Edward leads the delivery for our clients with his 25-year track record of providing end-to-end direction and hands-on leadership that has enabled high-profile, industry-leading clients to leverage emerging technologies in support of business growth.

Experienced in protecting the integrity of valuable data and leveraging it to meet strategic business objectives, Edward is no stranger to creating a solid foundation for growth.

Edward holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Goa.