Full-spectrum pharma sales operations
technology and support solutions.


Streamline the entirety of your pharma sales process from start to finish, including
sample management and field rep communications, with comprehensive
sales operations software from Prescriber360.

Alignment Management

Load Bulk and incremental alignments and update SFA with prebuilt integrations. You can view entire alignment history and load future dated alignments.

Call Planning

Manage your current IC Period, recent changes, and plan for the next IC cycle, all from one convenient system.

Roster Management

Manage complete sales roster for all the business units and hierarchy. Our Roster solution provides an audit history of all territory movements as well as ability to load future dated changes.

Field Change Requests

Automate and simplify change management through automated workflows and approval processes.

Data Integrations

Our data platform integrates data from internal and external systems and provide one uniform solution for all sources.

Vendor Management

Pre-built outputs to major vendors, like Sample Compliance, License Validations, Speaker Bureaus, and standard formats, provide data automation and boost data integrity.

Asset Management

Track and manage all your critical business assets including Fleets with Roster. Our solution helps in managing Fleet vendors and tracking changes.


Simplify and streamline communications with your sales teams through a simple interface using pre-built templates.


  • As a pharmaceutical company, you need a little something extra to meet your demanding sales goals and maintain a competitive hold on the market. That’s where the pharma sales operations software platform from Prescriber360 comes in.
  • Prescriber360 has revolutionized how pharma commercial sales operations are being managed by effectively reinventing productivity and process internally with technology. Our proprietary sales ops software leverages the best features of powerhouse Microsoft software such as Dynamics 365 CRM, Power BI analytics, and Cortana Intelligence Suite machine learning.
  • This robust platform allows you to manage your entire prescriber universe in one convenient and flexible place; including the fluid management of field leads to facilitate quick resolution and sample delivery.
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  • Built on an innovative Microsoft-based platform, Prescriber360’s pharma sales operations software is designed to improve overall productivity an efficacy among your sales team, both in-house and in the field.
  • The productivity and simplicity of Microsoft live at the heart of this sales operations platform and enables your pharma or life sciences organization to manage complex tasks and stay ahead of operational challenges, without sacrificing support and strategy.
  • There are so many tools out there to enhance your sales ops, but there’s always something missing. Our software covers all the bases and integrates well with other platforms, improving your overall sales efficiency.
  • Historical Entity Information Storage
  • Pre-Built Third-Party Validation
  • Easily Accessible From Anywhere
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Robust Data & Operational Reporting
  • Immediate Data Availability in Field
  • Change Alignment Rules on the Fly
  • Built-In Disruption Reporting


Trust the growth and efficacy of your sales operations process to a unique commercial platform
tailored to your unique industry and market needs.